Santia Deck, TRONUS CEO/Co-Owner Cynthia Cureton Robles, TRONUS COO/Co-Owner Nyqwan Murray Lia Cruz, Photographer - Darryl Cummins ZT Torres, Photographer - Brandon Torres, Sr. TRONUS
"TRONUS sets the pace as the first female athlete-founded sneaker brand, powering USA Flag Football, supporting top talent, and revolutionizing recovery footwear with designs that blend athletic excellence with fashion-forward innovation, reshaping the sports landscape."

ATLANTA & TAMPA, Fla. - Missouriar -- TRONUS, a trailblazing sneaker brand under the visionary ownership of female athlete Santia Deck, is redefining the sports industry landscape. Notably distinguished as the first sneaker company owned by a female athlete, TRONUS is cementing its commitment to innovation and athlete support through its recent sponsorship of the USA Flag Football World Champions, SHE UNIT, and YTG (YOUR TAX GURUS), during the 2024 USA Flag Football World Championships in Tampa, Florida.

In an exciting expansion of its team, TRONUS proudly welcomes Nyqwan Murray, a former NFL Seattle Seahawks player and currently an esteemed member of the San Antonio GunSlingers in the Indoor Football League (IFL), Lia Paulette Cruz, who made it to the first U17 USA National Flag Football Team, clinching the Jr International Cup was a landmark achievement. Adding to this illustrious lineup is ZT Torres, a 9-year-old sports prodigy, whose participation in flag football and soccer epitomizes the brand's dedication to nurturing young athletic talent.

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Central to the TRONUS ethos is the influence of Cynthia Cureton-Robles, COO/Co-Owner and Santia Deck's mother, renowned within the community as "Everybody's Momma." A serial entrepreneur who has masterfully guided Santia Deck's athletic and business endeavors, Cureton-Robles brings a unique perspective on the importance of recovery in sports. Her advocacy for increased awareness about the necessity of recovery is rooted in a profound understanding that maintaining healthy feet is crucial for athletes' longevity in their sports. "Athletes are taught to train and play hard," she emphasizes, "but they need to understand that recovery is just as important to keep athletes in the game longer."

TRONUS is not merely a sneaker brand; it's a movement aimed at enhancing the athletic journey through superior Active Recovery Slides and cushioned athletic footwear. The brand seamlessly merges style, comfort, and performance, setting new standards for what athletes expect from their footwear.

Santia Deck, alongside Cynthia Cureton-Robles, is at the forefront of this revolution, stating, "Our mission transcends the creation of innovative footwear. It's about challenging norms, empowering athletes across all levels, and highlighting the essential role of recovery in their careers. The partnership with the USA Flag Football World Champions and the addition of our incredible sponsored athletes exemplify our dedication to excellence and our pledge to support athletes in their pursuit of greatness."

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As TRONUS gains momentum, its leadership by dynamic female entrepreneurs and its commitment to supporting athletes through innovative product design are poised to position the brand as a global leader in the sports industry.


Founded by female athlete Santia Deck and co-owned with Cynthia Cureton-Robles, TRONUS is revolutionizing the sneaker industry with a focus on supporting athletes and promoting the significance of recovery. By offering the best in Active Recovery Slides and cushioned athletic footwear, TRONUS marries style with unparalleled comfort and performance, redefining the essence of what a sneaker brand can be. For more information go to:
Correction: Our prior 2/20/20 press release mistakeninlg stated that NyQwan Murray was a former member of the USA National Flag Football Team. Nyqwan Murray is a former NFL, XFL, and NAL professional football player.

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