~ Springfield City Council unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday, January 22nd, banning entertainment devices that offer monetary prizes. The decision was made in response to the growing presence of "no-chance" games in the city, which have been reported to have negative impacts on local neighborhoods.

During the public hearing for the bill, citizens provided nearly an hour of testimony expressing their concerns about these types of games. The Mayor, Ken McClure, described the testimony as "disturbing" and stated that while it was not the sole factor in their decision, it was certainly influential.

The new ordinance specifically targets "no-chance" games and does not affect legitimate arcades that offer prizes such as toys or live games that may offer monetary prizes during sporting events. According to city officials, these activities do not have the same negative impact on neighborhoods as the banned devices.

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The issue of these entertainment devices first came to the attention of city officials a couple of years ago when they began appearing in various locations throughout Springfield. Council members have since received numerous complaints from residents about the negative effects these games have on their communities.

Mayor McClure emphasized that this action is necessary for the protection of public health, safety, and welfare within Springfield. He stated that these types of games can lead to financial hardships and increased reliance on public assistance for players. The video footage from the public hearing and council meeting can be found at for those interested in learning more about this decision.

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