La'Nardo Myrick Sr, CEO of MRAA Announces Consultation with Chalyce R. Jacobs, CEO of Organic Experiences Only

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouriar -- The Music Recognition Association of America (MRAA) is thrilled to announce a strategic consultation with Chalyce R. Jacobs, the visionary CEO of Organic Experiences Only (OEO), based in Connecticut. OEO is renowned for pioneering the first Mobile Listening Lounge Collective in the world. Founded on October 17, 2019, Organic Experiences Only provides a unique platform for creators to connect with their audience in an intimate setting, fostering a cultural exploratorium that brings together community members, entrepreneurs, artists, and visitors.

La'Nardo Myrick, CEO of MRAA, a subsidiary of KLM Enterprises Services LLC, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, "OEO is more than a one-trick pony. Chalyce is just scratching the surface with Organic Experiences Only. The initial conference call lasted two hours, filled with a wealth of information shared. OEO is looking forward to leveraging the resources and extensive knowledge of KLM Enterprises Services LLC."

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Chalyce R. Jacobs remarked, "After my business meeting today, it would be remiss of me to allow the day to pass without acknowledging its significance. Every day I think of my Creator flashing images of purpose to my conscious imagination. I choose to lay my heavy burdens at the altar, and in return, each day I publicly honor GOD! I pass PEACE to the Chosen People and thank GOD for the vision!"

Local artists often struggle to stay true to their craft for many reasons. However, local entrepreneurs and artists are essential to the unique fabric of each city and town. OEO promotes growth of self, growth of an embraced culture, and growth of community. As Chalyce eloquently put it, "That community is US!"

OEO's Mobile Listening Lounge Collective transports participants through a dynamic cultural experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in local artistry while showcasing the city's ever-evolving culture. This collaboration aims to support local artists, promote cultural growth, and build stronger communities through innovative and organic experiences.

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For more information about Organic Experiences Only, visit

About Organic Experiences Only: Founded on October 17, 2019, Organic Experiences Only is the world's first Mobile Listening Lounge Collective. OEO offers a global platform for creators to connect with their audience in intimate settings, promoting local artistry and cultural exploration in cities around the world.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards enriching the music and cultural landscape, providing invaluable support to local artists and fostering a stronger, more connected community.


Source: MRAA

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