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The City Auditor's Office released an audit assessing whether members of boards and commissions (boards) are submitting conflict of interest disclosures as required by city code. Disclosure forms are an important transparency tool to report financial interests and personal and professional relationships.

The audit concluded many board members did not submit conflict of interest disclosures as required. City code requires members (city and non-city appointees) of over 50 boards to file a disclosure form with the city clerk by May 1st of each year. In calendar year 2021, at least 122 board members, some serving on multiple boards, did not file disclosure forms.

The City Clerk's Office has a process to send notifications to board members each year, but there are areas for improvement. In 2021, not all the correct board members (city and non-city appointees) required to file disclosures were contacted and communication processes could be improved.

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The audit also noted that existing city code does not require board members to disclose financial interests and personal and professional relationships they have with the board in which they have a governance role. The information required on the conflict of interest form only addresses relationships a board member has with the city.

We made recommendations to improve processes for collecting the annual conflict of interest disclosure forms and communicating board members' filing status, and potentially changing the City Code of Ethics to increase transparency.

To learn more about this audit, view the Full Report or Highlights online on our Recent Reports page. The audit is scheduled to be presented at the Council Business Session at 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

Did you know you can submit audit ideas to the city auditor?

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