Public Enemy No. 1 Agatha's life revolves around her beautiful home, a garden straight out of a fairytale, but her peaceful sanctuary is about to be disrupted


Release Date: February 10, 2024

As a new African American author in the realm of children's literature, Donald C. Robertson Sr. brings a unique perspective that enriches the literary landscape. His dedication to empowering youth and fostering empathy shines through in "Public Enemy No. 1," making it a must-read for families, educators, and young readers age 6 through 10 alike. Available now on Amazon, "Public Enemy No. 1" promises to captivate hearts and minds, leaving a lasting impression on its audience.  Public Enemy No.1 can be order by going to this link on

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Public Enemy No.1, is about a young successful woman name Agatha. She swats at them and starts a war with all of the insects in her garden. She is attacked by bees, an army of ants, worms, beetles, and other insects as she tries to defend her garden. Determined to reclaim her peaceful morning ritual, Agatha embarks on a mission to rid her garden of these pests.

The Author Donald C. Robertson Sr. is a trailblazing Black American author born in St. Louis, Missouri, during the vibrant and transformative 1960s. With a penchant for writing children's books that address sensitive issues in a fun and comical style, Robertson's colorful presentations have captured the hearts of young readers and adults alike. Through his work, he shares his life adventures, struggles, and breakthroughs, exemplifying how he fearlessly confronts challenges with humor, courage, and acceptance.

Themes prevalent in his works include the power of family bonds, the value of friendship, embracing differences, overcoming challenges, and the importance of a positive attitude. His tales often feature relatable characters who encounter obstacles, learn from their mistakes, and emerge stronger, instilling in young readers valuable life skills and a sense of resilience.

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Impact on Children and Education: Robertson's literary contributions have extended beyond just entertaining young minds. His vivid storytelling sparks creativity and critical thinking, fostering a love for reading among the youth.

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