ST. LOUIS, March 21, 2024 ~ Broadview, USA - Vibration Mountings & Controls, Inc. (VMC Group), a renowned global leader in providing solutions for vibration isolation, seismic control, and shock protection, has recently announced the acquisition of two companies - Cannon Fabrication (CanFab) and BRD Noise and Vibration Control (BRD). The strategic investment was made by Broadview Group Holdings, LLC, a prominent player in direct middle-market investing. The terms of the transaction have not been disclosed.

The addition of CanFab and BRD marks a significant milestone for VMC Group as it aims to establish itself as a leading provider of controlled environment solutions. With its family of brands, VMC Group offers engineered products and solutions to customers who require effective measures to mitigate the negative effects of air, noise, seismic activity, vibration, and shock forces in demanding applications and markets. As part of its growth strategy, VMC Group plans to expand its portfolio by offering differentiated and highly engineered products along with value-added services such as testing, certification, compliance, and engineering.

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According to Clay Hunter, Co-Founder and CEO at Broadview Group Holdings LLC., "VMC Group is well-positioned for substantial growth in its core markets as well as untapped opportunities." He further added that the company's unique structure and long-term investment horizon will enable them to support VMC Group in distancing itself from competitors. Hunter believes that the increasing focus on digitalization, decarbonization, indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, and building codes governing seismic and noise pollution will provide ample opportunities for VMC Group to expand its suite of solutions and achieve above-market growth.

John Wilson Jr., Chairman and CEO of VMC Group expressed his excitement about finding a partner who shares their vision for the future. He also praised Broadview's understanding of their markets and distinguished track record in supporting engineered product manufacturers. Wilson believes that the partnership with Broadview will enable them to achieve their mission of providing customers with more control over the quality of their environments.

The acquisition of CanFab and BRD is a testament to VMC Group's commitment to providing innovative solutions and expanding its market presence. With the support of Broadview, VMC Group is poised for significant growth and success in the future.
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