Baby Girl Elite Shoes and Apparel Announces Closure and Rebranding as The Idem Shoes and Clothing of Kansas City, MO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouriar -- After years of dedicated service and commitment to providing quality footwear and apparel, Baby Girl Elite Shoes and Apparel (BGE) announces its closure and rebranding as The Idem Shoes and Clothing. Founded by La'Nardo Myrick Sr, BGE initially emerged as a noble creation dedicated to La'Nardo's daughters, La'Shonda, Krishan, and Jeanne. However, amidst evolving social dynamics and a growing awareness of sexist attitudes, the brand faced significant challenges, leading to the decision for rebranding.

"The sexist attitude towards the name contributed significantly to our decision for rebranding," stated La'Nardo Myrick Sr. "What was once intended as a symbol of empowerment for my daughters became a painful rejection for many within our family and community."

Despite efforts to promote inclusivity and support indie artists and schools, the resistance towards the BGE brand remained evident. Lack of sales within the family, including rumors that older brothers refused to wear the clothing due to the word "Girl" in them, underscored the necessity for change.

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Recognizing the importance of adapting to societal shifts and evolving consumer preferences, La'Nardo Myrick Sr initiated the rebranding process in 2023. With the assistance of Luisa & Luca Botticelli of aliveshoes, BGE Shoes and Apparel will undergo a comprehensive transformation to become The Idem Shoes and Clothing.

"Rebranding is a challenging yet essential process for any company," commented La'Nardo Myrick Sr. "It requires a meticulous assessment of brand identity, market positioning, and consumer perception. Despite the costs involved, it is an investment in the future sustainability and relevance of the brand."

The Idem Shoes and Clothing is set to launch its new website,, in June 2024. The brand aims to continue its legacy of providing high-quality footwear and apparel while embracing inclusivity and diversity.

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About The Idem Shoes and Clothing:

The Idem Shoes and Clothing is a Kansas City-based footwear and apparel brand committed to providing high-quality products while promoting inclusivity and diversity. Founded by La'Nardo Myrick Sr, the brand aims to inspire confidence and empowerment in individuals of all backgrounds.

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